[True Life Story – Must Read] When Walking, Always Check Your Left, Right, Back And Front. In Brief, Be Smart!!!

“Police Officers, KAI officials are not there to save lives, they are there to extort innocent people who violate the law and not paying attention to the touts who dispose people of their belongings on their ways to work.” This is exactly what somebody sent to me which eventually led to sharing his life experience here to sensitise people who care to know and listen.

“He who has ears, let him listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Church”

Read the true life story as encountered by Tony

I was walking along Oshodi under bridge this morning, while listening to music via my earpiece, suddenly I noticed someone on yellow shirt was getting too close. Today is Thursday and I know that on Thursdays, it is always few people on the road, because of marketers sanitation day here in Lagos and this makes some people to leave their houses late.

Therefore, there was no rush that could make someone get too close as this person was, so I said to myself “let me stop, if he stops then something is not right.” Before then, I noticed someone at my right also on green shirt, both of them not going forward, nor backward, they were moving at the same pace with me, when I noticed their awkward moves, I removed my phone from my left pocket where the guy on yellow was just after the queue of those waiting to board Lag Bus, I stopped and behaved as if i wanted to pick a call, as soon as I did that, the one on yellow shirt stopped and when he saw that I wasn’t moving, he moved forward, the one on green shirt stopped few steps behind me, by this time I was ready to play hide and seek with them, I decided to move forward again, the one in yellow adjusted and moved, the other also did from behind, I was seeing both of them now because I was moving side ways, so I stopped again, both of them also stopped, and where I was still going to board BRT bus enroute Yaba was far, if i had moved they would have followed me, when they noticed i wouldn’t move again, I guess the one on yellow shirt would have said within him “THIS ONE NA BAD MARKET OOOO.” It was then he walked away, “lmake i no spoil their morning market, i turned left, the one on green was no where to be found, the way they disappeared, only God knows. Thank God for movies like BLINDSPOT, 24, etc SMILES they thought me to always watch my back

This is the third time such will be happening to me at Oshodi. The first time, the guy almost removed my phone. This is how they do it, once they see you listening to music via ear-piece and the phone is in your pocket, they will watch you closely, wrap the person up and remove the phone by pulling the ear-piece.

The first time I was rushing a bus, the guy was pulling the ear-piece already, thank God I wore jean and the bus was moving. These, God used to save me from being looted.

The second one I experienced; I was returning from Ilupeju that night, just after the Railway, I wanted to use the pedestrian bridge, I had been noticing someone was stepping on my ankle from behind, but when I look back, I won’t see the person, at least four times, but when I looked back and didn’t see anyone, I didn’t stop. It was when I mounted motorcycle I noticed my bag was opened, thank God the person didn’t succeed removing my phone.

The third one was also at Oshodi under bridge, I was trying to board a bus and didn’t know a guy has been following me from behind and he had already opened my bag, just to take the N12000 (twelve thousand naira I had in the bag, but God averted by making me get on the bus faster than I thought

Some of these guys claim to be calling passengers for buses without conductors, but when they don’t get such buses, WHAT happens they turn to pick pockets

I experienced the same thing around December / January this year at Oshodi and I could not believe what I saw. A guy snatched a phone from the hand of a lady who was about to alight from a bus and ran away while the lady ran after him. Alas! This boy disappeared into thin air at the speed of light. As that was not enough, some steps further, some group of people were running after a guy too believing he had stolen some good from passers-by. I could not wait to see the end of the scenario due to my tight schedules on that fateful day.

Please, be warned!

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