Devils In The Church

This is an incidence that needs serious attention. It is not a fiction but a pure true life story.

I was in a Church on Tuesday for an evening programme. As the man who ministered left the pulpit to sit down on his seat, just toward the end of the service, somebody walked in through an entrance that was near the alter, he went straight to where a phone was being charged and removed the phone with the charger.

It was as if this guy hypnotized those people who saw him committing this atrocity. None of them was able to talk thinking he was the rightful owner of the phone.

The reality was done on them when the true owner went to disconnect her phone with the hope that her phone would have charged fully and take it home. Lo and behold, the phone was no where to be found.

A scenario like that happened on one Sunday morning in a Church where some hoodlums (about 3 guys) entered and went straight to the alter, knelt down as if they were praying.

The Church workforce who resumed church early were surprised, thinking that these three guys came to repent of their sins.

After a while, they stood up and faced the church workers with guns, dislodged them of their belongings Iike phones, money and other valuables.

When on that camp ground, church, or other religion houses, don’t think the next person to you is also a saint. His mission might be to defraud you of your belongings.

Some people at the other section of the Church actually saw them dislodging the members of their properties but they were handicapped due to the cold-iron (gun) in the hands of these people. Do I blame them? No, I did not for nobody wants to die.

Please, becareful when sighting strange faces and move in your neighbourhood, compounds, churches, school premises and around you especially in the early or late hour of the day.

You are blessed!

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