Reasons why it may be difficult to recognize sibling sexual abuse in the family

Child sexual abuse is now a rampart phenomenon. It is now happening in the family regularly without paying earnest attention to it and this may inflict danger on the victims while the perpetrators may go unpunished.

Parents should be sensitive enough to know what is going on within the family and should not allow the daily activities to erode them of their futures which is the life of their children.

Read the few lines as transpired between some siblings as shared with us below;

“If you dare tell mummy or daddy about what I did to you, hmmmm, guess what, I will beat you real hard”.

“This should be a secret between us, ok. Don’t ever mention this to anyone or else. ..”

One of the major reasons children don’t tell when sexually abused is when there is a physical threat especially on their lives. Some perpetrators will go as far as using objects such as knives or harmful objects to threaten a victim. He or she becomes too scared to share his or her ordeal with anyone. Abuse thrives in secrecy! When an abusive experience becomes a secret, it is really difficult for any parent to discover.

However, I will advise that you watch out for any unexplained physical injury on younger siblings. Question the child calmly and watch out for any sign of fear in his or her facial expressions.

As part of your family safety rules, let your children know that keeping secrets is not allowed! Explain that keeping secrets could hurt them in the long run, especially when it concerns touching private body parts. Also assure them that you will protect them when they inform you about threats from anyone.

It may be pleasurable to the victim
He always looks forward to seeing his elder sister come home during the holidays or mid-term break. He enjoys her company each time they are alone in their parent’s cozy apartment. He had once heard his teacher say it is inappropriate for anyone to touch his private part neither should he do that to anyone. If such happens he must report immediately to the closest adult. But “hey” he said to himself

“Why should I tell when I am enjoying this. After all she is my sister and since what she does is not harmful”.

Shocked? Yes many victims of sibling sexual abuse will not tell because of the pleasure they derive in the act; especially if the perpetrator did not use force.

Various stories of sibling sexual abuse shows that the male victim, derives pleasure more when sexually abused and they will most likely not tell. Sexual touches are pleasurable, of course so the victim will not tell! Telling will terminate what he or she thinks is pleasurable. So parents may not know such an act is going on because it will be hidden by all means.

That is why we need to let our kids know that even though they enjoy inappropriate touches, they should tell the person to stop and report immediately.

Children are now on mid term break, why not use this opportunity to educate them on keeping their bodies safe from predators.

Children empowerment is another key to child sexual abuse prevention. Parents should not overlook or underrate this. Sibling sexual abuse is a reality, empower your children today to secure the betterment of the future of your children!

Do not say you are not told!

Be warned!!

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