Don’t Give Them Fish, Teach Them How To Fish – Journalist Cries Out

“No Food For Lazy Man” How True Is It? By Olaide Onifade

‘No food for a lazy man’ this is a very common saying in Nigeria if not in every part of the World. In this part of the world today, poverty has risen to the peak and majority of people blame the government of the day like the leaders but I strongly disagree, although the role of the government can not be overemphasized while the impact of corrupt leaders should not be overlooked. This is just that governments have refused to hunt the thieves and robbers in their cabinets in the name of impunity. It is high time the adults and youths should stop relying on these sets of selfish leaders if they refuse to lend a helping hand.

Recently, Nigerian government promised to give all graduates who are not working the sum of five thousand naira (N 5, 000) every month. Yes, this is a good thought from the government who has the concerns of his citizens at heart, mind you, I stand to oppose this because this may affect our economy in a situation where the economy of the country is already bad, not stable, and the government of the day is trying all her best possible to recover the loots from the past administrations / governments.

To me, some people are naturally lazy, going by the promise of five thousand naira (N 5, 000) to every jobless graduates, this is the beginning of laziness and this may not allow some graduates to think of what they can do for themselves but continually relying on the penny to be given by the government.

Another disadvantage of this is that some people who will be in-charge of disbursing that money will abuse it and seize the opportunity to siphon the money to enrich themselves and their families.

I am not trying to exonerate the role of government in the decadence in the country. Truly, government has his own part to play, but individual is responsible for this dilemma. More than average percent of Nigerians are poor out of ignorance, they don’t know how to make good use of their potentials, resources. For instance, if we follow the cycle of life which goes thus; from birth to childhood during childhood we go to primary school from there, we move to secondary school and we look forward to go to the higher institution of learning (e.g. university, polytechnic e.t.c.) after graduating to find a good job and live happily ever after, so many people think that it is a rich man point of view, I agree with that but at the same time no one is born to be poor in life, and everybody is not born with silver spoons in his mouth even God says in the Holy Bible (word of God) that the thought I have toward you is of good and not of evil to give you an expected end. Although, things might not be rosy sometimes, we should know that we all have our trial moment.

However, the youth of today are not helping the situation as a matter of fact some after leaving secondary school they start to work in order to make money, fine, there is no harm in making money during this process but they tend to forget that education is important. A lecturer of mine once said ”if you need money go and learn a trade or go into business but if you need knowledge and connection go to school but my strong advice to you is to go to school because knowledge is power and with God, education and power you go places meet people, dine with kings.

At the same time, many youths wish to be lettered, want to further there education even touts, thugs wish to be educated, but some are financially handicapped while some blame their background, environment even their parent and examinations (WAEC or JAMB) which are meant to contribute to their success in life and stepping stones to their greater height.
However one thing that has kept me going is putting God first in everything I do because with God all things are possible. Giving up that you can go to school again is not the best option to give excuse for your predicaments. Don’t loose hope, don’t give up. You can if you think you can.

You can still achieve much as long as you are alive. ‘Fear no foe, if there is life, there is hope’ says a proverb. Forget about your past, let your background be a bridge between your past and your future that leads to your great success, because you can make a difference.

Regardless of your social status you can be the best you dream to be and we can all make this nation proud once again, corruption free, violence free, poverty free we can all reduce the rate of poverty in this nation to the minimum level. It will start from you, from ourselves. Let us all try as much as possible to acquire knowledge through education because education is the best legacy we can have. Some are killing the others in the name of religion which is caused by ignorance (lack of knowledge/education).

Some people used to say that education is costly, yes, monetary value it is, but thinking of what benefits you are to derive from it, ignorance is our worst enemy we should not try to romance in my own opinion.

My strong advise to the government is to teach us how to fish and not giving us fish every month. What is ours will always be ours. Government should lend a helping hand in creating job opportunities, encourage graduates to actualise their money earning ideas, and assist those who want to be self employed.

I have a dream that Nigeria is going to be better and great again. Yes I have a dream.


*Written by Olaide Onifade – a student journalist (Mass Communication Department)
Edited, published by ©folabright.

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