Ongoing Sexual Abusive Experiences

Causes Of Sibling Sexual Abuse
In our bid to sensitise people about child abuse and other related issues in the family, marriage, and spiritual life cum infotainment and spiritainment.
Christain Akindolie, a family advocate has also shared this with us to open the eyes of parents on what is going on in the families.

Though it is important as part of family values for older children to learn how to care for younger siblings, it is also important to let them know their limits. Giving the older children responsibility to take care of the younger ones allows them to make decisions but not to boss the little ones.

Past Or Ongoing Abusive Experiences

Veronica, a distant cousin of Mrs Loveday was brought from the village to help take care of her 7-year old son and 3-year old daughter. She never knew what was happening to her kids not until the day she bumped into their room only to see her son lying on her daughter and mumbling some words. Poor mother….she was heartbroken. After so much interrogation, she found out that Veronica her distant cousin had on several occasions performed some sexual acts on her son. Veronica eventually confessed that she was also sexually abused by some uncles back in the village. What a multiplying effect!

Children who have been sexually abused either by family members, adults or older children will sometimes coax, manipulate or force younger children into the same kind of behaviour. Most times, children who have been victims keep such experiences as secrets. No one has told them that the experience they had was not right. So they feel it is acceptable and normal to engage in sexual acts. Children believe whatever an adult tell them. An adult could tell a child that touching each other’s private part is a way of showing love and affection. An older child will definitely think he or she is showing love towards his younger one while touching or fondling his or her private part.

How much do you know about that cousin or relative of yours who is helping out with taking care of your child? How often do you hold safety talks with your children and people taking care of them?

A word is enough for the wise!

Be guided!


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