Whose Dream Are You Building?

Whose Dream Are You Building?

Monday morning, the chief wake up call that life is not one long weekend and you must work hard to make your life a better one, especially in the world of today. So back into the routine of your own hustles.

‎My worry though is that routine is the easiest mode to slide into without a periodic assessments of your hustle, to test for potential, ‎performance, fulfillment, direction and speed to destination.

I am just saying that it’s not just about going to work but working on something that works for your dreams to come true.

I have only 1 regret in my whole life which I am not at all ashamed to share with people. Infact, I love to share it when younger people are ready to listen. That regret was to dust my CV very well and get a 9-5 in 2004 after I had found my passion with the creative arts but dealt with appealling renumeration. So yea I got a job that paid exactly 21times more but came with a guarantee for daily bonus miles between me and my good dreams. But yeah! I went to work daily.

‎What are you doing right now as work? Whose dream is it building or developing? Is it yours? If not, what is stopping you? If it is yours, do you check for your own effectiveness regularly? Are you at your best? Do you have a good clear picture of your market? At this rate, where do you think you will be in the next 5 years? King of your own game, right or you are one time player? Is there any need for new frontiers or daring moves?

With 1 out of 43 people in the whole world, now being a Nigerian, the Nigerian youth is poised for conquering the global business world”
‎In the words of Ken Sarowiwa:‎
“The ‎Nigeria’s next billionaires may not at all own a drop of oil‎” Ken said. ‎
‎Observing that someone noticed that we spend millions on tickets to dubai yearly another saw that ‎‎‎even though 15% of us shopped online‎, now, we beat Kenya’s GDP with our spend in 2012. Through that, Wakanow and Konga.com were born.

Whatever is your brand, think tomorrow, think very big. Please stop just running into ‎Mondays routinely without seeing how today’s routing strokes adds to finishing the big picture painting.
Your compass must be in as good a shape as your travel mode henceforth.  Stop chasing after the shadow. There is joy in fulfilling and actualising one’s dream – Emma Ugolee.

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