Pandemonium As Crisis Breaks Out Between Touts And Okada-riders At Oke-Afa ‘Canoe’, Lagos

A fight has ensued between Okada riders and Agbero at a place call “Canoe” in Oke-Afa behind Ajao Estate via Ejigbo, Lagos. There was a gun duel between ‘agbero’ called touts and Okada riders.

The causes of the fight could be linked to the illegal fees used to be collected by these touts called ‘agbero’ from Okada-riders and Maruwa (tricycle) drivers along that route.

It was reported by a source plying the road that a police was killed in the crisis (though not yet confirmed) while other police officers and the passers-by scampered for safety.

Not less than 2 people were reportedly killed, 10 bicycles and 1 tricycle burnt according to an eye witness.

Another source says that about 5 people were killed in the mayhem.

We can confirm that there is no movement of bicycles or Marwa (tricycle) along that lane as police and soldiers have stepped into it to calm down the crisis. Many people sighted along that road are trekking.

According to our investigation, the police in collaboration with soldiers are currently there to forestall peace and to ensure easy movement of the populace and vehicles.

The actual number of the casualties could not be ascertained as at the time of filling this report.

We shall keep you posted for the latest updates.

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