Journalism And Integrity In This Decaying World

The bitter truth however is that the integrity of the Nigerian media has been eroded. This is due to a lot of factors with poverty being number one on the list. Politicians capitalise on low wages and poor working conditions in the country to manipulate the practitioners into doing their bidding. It’s a worrisome trend but sadly there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Every journalist wants the good things of life like nice apartments, cars, smart phones and other gadgets and gizmos. Unfortunately their basic salary in a country like Nigeria where the minimum wage is 18,000 naira cannot provide this for them hence they resort to compromising the integrity of their noble profession by collecting handouts from politicians in order to suppress stories or distort facts.

Even when you do critical stories on supposedly powerful persons / politicians with incontrovertible facts, you’d be amazed to find some of your colleagues, friends as well as family raising concerns and caution. So, how do you expect people to get really critical in the profession because the requisite support is absent? It’s gonna be OYO (On Your Own) at the end of the day. Ultimately, it is a system thing and you may be unable to trump the system from which you sprang up since you are not an island anyway.

Nothing could be done to be battered Journalism profession…Since nobody is ready to die unsong. Yet, journalism is a honourable profession that one will dream to become despite all odds. There are journalists that don’t compromise their integrity in this decaying world. Though, they may not be stinkingly rich yet, they are not beggars and they are living well.

There is no profession without its challenges.

Great things don’t start great, persistence in little thing makes it great.

Integrity is the key and it pays!

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