Why Nigerians Will Ask Bayelsa Son To Be Their President Again – Jonathan


“My performance will make people of Nigeria to ask that another Bayelsa son should be the President of Nigeria again” Jonathan

‘Nigeria will crave for another son of Bayelsa should be the president of this greant nation’ was the statement President Jonathan made sometimes ago. This I revisit and prompt me to write this piece.

Mr. Jonathan said he would not demand praises from any quarters. He also said that it is very difficult for people to praise the current leader until such leaves the office before they realised his good works.

He also believed that by the time he leaves office and the incoming administration takes over, then people will start appreciating good works he has done. He also promised that he will always be at the peak of his good deeds.

President Jonathan also added that he would not be distracted by the critics until the end of his tenure in order to finish strong.

This is an excerpt from President Jonathan promises with the hope of defeating Mr. Buhari of APC (opposition party) coming back as ‘return’ president in 2015 but the dream did not see the light of the day.

President Jonathan has just warned the opposition party through one of his aides against running parallel government. The warning which was allegedly based on some demands raised by 19 man transition committees of Mr. Buhari of APC.

Despite the fact that Mr. Muhammadu Buhari has just been elected as the president of Nigeria though not yet inaugurated, many crisis have just been resolved, some administrators have been fired within the remaining few weeks that remain for President Jonathan to relinquish the power to the president-elect in the person of Buhari.

Days are counting down, May 29th is very near than never. Mr. President supposed to be happy by now that he is leaving for his successor to come in and also be happy that things are working well in the remaining 27 days of his tenure.

Today, can Mr. President be happy with the situation of things presently in the country call Nigeria where nothing is still working, yes, becoming worst will be an understatement.

Nigerians are in total darkness and the fuel is very scarce in some parts of the country and in some other parts of the country, there is no fuel at all in our filling stations while the only store where the fuel is available at a very exorbitant price is in the Market called ‘BLACK’.

The reason or reasons given to us for plunging the citizens into the epileptic power supply if not total darkness is because of gas pipeline vandals. I think we can see the irony of how porous the state of security is. Contracts are awarded to different types and groups of people just to witchhunt the vandals. All contracts yielded no fruitful result because everybody is busy looking for how to get his own portion of milk and honey.

A very long queue I saw at the filling stations in the name of fuel scarcity is a bad omen to the state of the country unless God-sent came to salvage the country from dilapidated state it is.

The agony of the fuel saga right infront of the filling stations, you will see the so called ‘black marketers’ with different types and sizes of keg with nothing done about it. Increase in the transport fare is another story that can leave pain in someone’s flesh. High price of commodity is another story that should not be mentioned as a result of scarcity of fuel.

Devaluation of our currency in this country is unbearable where the price of our Naira is increasing at one dollar ($1) in the exchange market.

Kudos to our security operative like Nigerian troops. Recently, they reclaimed some claimed Boko Haram towns, rescued females in their den in 293, 160 and 243 without traces that Chibok girls are among. Though Mr. President has promised that Boko Haram will become thing of the past before May 29th, I believe nothing is undoable.

With all these, what is your take?

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