Be Fuelled By Your Own Inner Joy

So my friend moves me to deep thought with the letters on his DP. They read “people no longer eat with those with whom they starved but with those who starved them to show them that they are actually now eating”.

Very natural move for man to cherish that comeback moment where you spread your arms wide apart with the wind blowing against  your unbuttoned shirt superman cape style as you stand towering above those who thought you finished, would not deliberately lend a helping hand, wished ill or worse yet, ran you down and behold you say “LOOK AT ME NOW!!”

Kai! ‎Very tempting walahi. I Emmaa Ugolee I can give you my list of beholders without repeating a name, if you woke me up at 2am. Lol. But traditionally, after reading my friend’s DP, I did a second take, emotion free and asked myself how much would that moment be truly worth? Is  that moment the inspiration for my tireless work to get there? Is it the crown for making it?

Frankly, as satisfying as it may seem from here, it is a classic waste of time to be your wish for a break through. No man is worth that moment. The bigger you should worry only about the glory that goes to God for showing his hand stronger than man’s connections, money, plans, neglet or scheming. Yes the joy of out doing your past should do.

Speaking of God, can you imagine if Jesus after all the embarrassment, death, 3days and resurrection appeared in the sitting room of Pontious  Pilate? The synagogue or market place. Pandemonium, much to his relish yea? But did he bother? At all. Selective few he saw just to encourage and he was out.

That’s the spirit. Be fuelled by your own inner joy with gratitude and let that moment alone count when you get there. You may rehearse it out now coz you will get there but keep your motive clean. That’s key!

By Emma Ugolee

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