Turning Your Ugliness To Beauty

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‘How To Be Beautiful Even If You Are Ugly’.

Beauty was defined in the first series. This will be inconclusive if we refuse to define what ugliness is all about.

Now, what is ugliness?

Ugliness may be defined as lack of appealing physical features, especially facial ones. It refers to the features of a person that is not pleasant to behold. It is to be unattractive, repulsive and so on.

The problem with all these definition is that they are too superficial when we consider that human beings are very complex beings.

Have we wondered why ugly people are repulsive sometimes? Why do people keep a distance from them? It is not because they are physically ugly, no. The things that repel us are not physical flaws. There are others people who are ugly that were celebrated in their generation in whatever capacity.

God did not create anybody to be ugly. It is the manipulations from the hand of the demons and self perception.

If you have been having wrong perception about yourself based on what you are passing through be it marital, financial, career-wise and the likes. It is not because you are ugly, it is because you have refused to see yourself as the image of God.

What other things do you need to do to make yourself beautiful again?

Be Humble
Some people are ugly not because they are not naturally beautiful but they are ugly because of pride. Many beautiful women today cannot keep their homes just because they cannot submit to their husbands. Therefore, they hop from one marriage to the other. Some ladies could not sustain their relationship because of pride. Pride makes one to be ugly. A truly humble woman always keeps her home. A truly humble lady always keeps and sustains her relationship. Pride can make a leader to behave like a servant or slave. It makes one to act foolishly.

I begin to wonder why some ladies with flaws get married before some beautiful ladies. It is as a result of humility. Humility is the key! The example of humility and submission is Sarah in the Bible. No wonder bible calls her the perfect example of “wifeliness” – because she addressed her husband as ‘lord’. For you to be beautiful, be submissive, be humble!

Sense of Humour
Develop a good sense of humour. If you think you have ugly appearance, let people feel your presence when you are around even when you are not around, let them feel your absence. It is better to make people laugh at your jokes than making people laugh at you. You can develop yourself to achieve a good sense of humour.

We love funny people no matter how ugly we think they are. We love to see them laugh about themselves. In such way, we tend to overlook their flaws. But beautiful people who are moody are prone to ridicule. You may not need to go about making unnecessary jokes, you just need to be optimistic about life. Somebody with a good sense of humour does not become nervous. They look at the problems from different perspectives and they wish they could find solution to them immediately. Do you know that humour keeps us younger than our real age? Yes, it is! Humour makes one younger. People with a good high sense of humour tend to look younger than their equals.

If you think that you are ugly, examine yourself if you are not default in the points explain above.

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