How To Be Beautiful Even If You Are Ugly!

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. What is beautiful and pleasant to somebody’s eyes might be ugly and unpleasant to the eyes of others.

Before we go deeper into the topic, let us first of all know what the word ‘Beauty’ means.

What is Beauty?

This is a very interesting question. Should we define it based on artistical (creative work of man) perceptions or on inward goodness rather than perishable physical features.

Beauty can be defined (not limited to this) as the combination of qualities that make something pleasing and impressive to behold, to listen to, to touch, taste and smell.

Beauty is not in the image or object itself but it is in the mind of who contemplates them. You may not see anything special the way and manner you dress while some people might be throwing accolades at you that you are scintillating. Each mind perceives a different beauty depending on how it appears to you.

One can be naturally endowed with beauty and I believe that it can still be cultured, that is you can make yourself beautiful. That is the reason why some people go for artistical adornment. They apply cosmetics, engage the service of costume or make-up artiste while some people go for cosmetic surgery.

Beauty is not limited to what you see outside. Beauty can also be inward. Everybody is created by God beautifully and that is why the Psalmist says ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’. Mind you, your beauty elements which are inside of you may be dormant and you may need to activate it while some might be obsolete because of their ways of life (lifestyle).

If you are inwardly beautiful (though ugly physically/outwardly) and you activate those elements of beauty inside of you, you will even be more beautiful than the most beatiful Queen.

For you to be inwardly beautiful, you need to:

1. Think rightly: A beautiful mind they say is no doubt better than a beautiful face. How people see you is not so that important like the way you see yourself. You must let your inner eyes assess you before you allow people to pass judgment on you. I know of a beautiful lady that once told the media that she stopped attending church service because of how people starred at her anytime she entered church due to her beauty. I have discovered that beauty has made most women to think less of more important things they can do.

Don’t be obsessed by your beauty.
Think rightly dear. Activate the beauty elements in you. Think of unthinkables. Instead of constantly think or worrying about how you look and how people think of you, think of how you can be of benefit to the humanity. Think of books you can write. Songs you can compose and write, think of recipes you can invent or introduce, products you can develop and sell. Think of services you can render. Think of creative ideas. Allow your mind to be filled with beautiful ideas. Be beautiful inward even if you are not endowed.

2. Speak gracious words: I have discovered that only few people have learnt how to speak good words to elevate or lift your soul and spirit. Instead, they speak to dampen your spirit. Look for people who are being confronted by difficult situations, speak gracious words to them, lift up their spirit.

A wife of a pastor once told me how she used to affect people’s lives before she even got married. After the marriage, she left that church. People that joined that church after she had left where curious to know who she was. The day she paid a visit to the church after some years she had left, come and see how people thronged the church premises to see her just because of the good reports they have heard about her for the lives she had affected by her gracious words. There are some women that that history will not forget. Somebody like Late Pastor (Mrs.) Bimbo Odukoya (of blessed memory), Pastor (Mrs.) Adejumo, Joyce Meyer and lots more. They are women whose beauty is found in their words. They have healed many broken hearts through their words.
Look for somebody that needs your gracious words. Look for people that feel rejected, depressed, oppressed and relief them with you gracious words.

There are other things you can do to become beautiful and more beatiful.

You Can Be More Beatiful!


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