How To Deal With The Fear Of Fatness?


In the last series, we talked about ‘Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Fat’. Today, we want to continue in the series but in another way.

Some people are obese but they think that they are fat while some are fat but argue that they are only obese. Some are not even fat or slim – they are in-between.

For those who are in-between and not sure if whether to maintain their current weight, here are some questions you need to ask yourself and supply with answers.

Do people ridicule you because of your size?

Do you find yourself getting tired easily?

Do you find your thighs being constantly stressed under the weight of your abdomen?

Do you snore because of tightness in your lungs or respiratory organ?

Do you munch uncontrollably?

Do people call you names or look at your disdainfully?

Having supplied right answers to all the questions above, you need to decide if you want all these to change or you want it to remain in status quo. Also bear in mind that if you decide not to cut down your fats, you must face the health risk alone too.

The second point will be dealing with is:

Deal With The Fear Of Fatness.
Some young people are so overwhelming with the fear of fatness than the fear of cancer or losing their loved ones. Many of these young lads are not even aware of health benefits of staying slim but are afraid and avoiding growing fat just to look more attractive.

Today, the art of being slim has become more of struggle. Appraisal is being given to slimmest figures. People with slim bodies are being admired more by others whereas, fat people are being generally avoided.

Let us look at a scenario where you enter a bus, who would you prefer to sit beside you on your seat between fat and slim person? Slim person, you say! You will prefer a slim person to join your seat than a fat person. When a fat person join your seat, you become very discomfort. Fat person also seems to inconvenience every other person on that seat.

Even, among children, the fat ones are often derided. They rarely participate in games because their minds are always stuck on eating and drinking. Mind you, fat will not stop accumulating once eating becomes habitual.

Should fat really be feared? One may not be able to answer this question directly. One may not say yes just because fear is negative and at the same time, one may not say no because, fat is also negative.
Whenever we discover that something is of negative benefit to us. We should know how to tackle it.

We must not grow fat, and yet we must not be afraid of growing fat. Think of fat as a theif. Thief cometh not but to steal, to kill and to destroy.

There are three ways to deal with it. One is to decides to be submissive. Second is to be evasive and the third is to decide to be offensive.

The first case, you may decide to give a thief what he wants. The second case is that you decide to run away while the third case is that you try to disarm the thief. Out of all these cases, which one do you think is the most dangerous case? Did you say the first case? No, the second case is the most dangerous case because it carries the highest risk.

Running away from fat by applying the second method that is starving yourself will not do you any good and this is not the best way to deal with fat.

The best way to deal with fat from my findings is not to run away from food but to gain control and have discipline over your appetite which is the third case and thereafter, develop a healthy eating habit. You appetite is like an armed robber pointing rifle (gun) at you. It threatens you per second basis, making unnecessary demands from you. It asks you for assorted delicacies which are pleasant to behold. Daniel and his cohorts in the Bible did not run away from food but gained mastery over their appetite by rejecting King’s delicacy and demands for vegetables (beans).

You appetite always want more. This minute, it want chicken and the next, it wants yoghurt. Tomorrow, it wants beef and next, it wants fish and chicken. Appetite doesn’t get satisfied. It always wants more. Left to you, you don’t want all those things but you just can’t help buying them. This is a result of the armed robber pointing gun at you, demanding from you to empty your wallet. For how long do you want to continue like this?

The best thing is to try the third case by killing it. Kill your appetite and live freely. Your appetite truly looks strong but it is feeble (lazy). He can be disarmed easily. Don’t be scared about the rifle of of your armed robber (appetite’s demands) but rather focus on the robber itself (appetite) and by doing so, you will gain victory over the ‘FEAR’ of being fat from your mind permanently.

Fear no foe!

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