Why You Must Get Rid Of Your Fat?

Some people are contented with being fat and they take pride in it. Yes, there is no crime in this but it is advisable that such do not use extreme measures to their points. They should not allow their freedom to lure them into obesity.

From all I know so far, fat people used to admire those that are slim. They may say “see how skinny or slimy you have become”. They may pretend to mock you but deep down inside of them, they could be wishing they are like you. It is even possible they have tried or are trying to slim down but are yet to record any breakthrough. They may try to find consolation in making you to be like them. They feel you have an advantage, you are probably more attractive, more likable, and less of the risk of being derided. Some fat people may say you look unhealthy whereas, they covet your flexibility and slimness.

Do not be surprised when they start inviting you to junk parties and serving you all kinds of delicacies. You should know how to play the game by eating with caution.

Bear in mind that your confidence as a man or woman is not rooted in what people say but in what you think about yourself and believe.

You may also be of opinion that there is nothing wrong with being fat but itt is important that you still set your limits, using your Body Mass Index (BMI) as your guide.
if you wish to cut down fats, there are some health tips that can be of help if you adhere to it.

We will be dealing with some of these tips one by one.

Number one is:

Don’t be complacent with your fatness. Show no mercy of satisfaction to your fatness. First of all, if you don’t have a standing mirror, go and get one. Stand in the presence of your mirror. Examine yourself carefully, observe where the fat is accumulated, look critically the damage it has done – the fold, the stretch marks and the premature wrinkles. Then, ask and answer yourself if being fat is good or not? You have to be sincere with yourself. Though, you may say you are beautiful the way you are but believe you me sincerely, you can be more beautiful if you decide to show no mercy to that fat because fat has the ability to conceal the natural beauty of a person.

Take away a few pounds of fat and see how a new layer of natural beauty unfolds. You must be determined and show no mercy if truly you want to cut down some pound of fat. You have to be dissatisfied with your present degree of fatness. Fatness is not a mark on the marble or tribal marks that is permanent. It can be cut down and the decision to cut it lies in your hand.
You should also know that there are health risks in being fat. Fat does not have any real health benefit. Deal with it today.

In our subsequent post, we shall be dealing with other health risks of fat and simple ways of getting rid of it.

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