Child Abuse: Where Children Can Be Abused?

Child sexual abuse can happen to children of all ages anywhere. A boy or a child who is only two or three years can be sexually abused. Teenage boys or girls can also experience child sexual abuse. Girls are the ones who are abused the most; but boys are sexually abused too.
There are many places where a child can be abused e.g. In your house, any lonely place, in school.

Today, we will be concerned about LONELY PLACE. See the story below;

Sade, a young and beautiful girl of 15 had a dream of becoming a  lawyer. How she admired the black gowns and the white emaculate shirts worn by lawyers who throng the law court not too far from her school.  “I will read and pass my WAEC to make my parents proud” she said to herself.  Though her parents were struggling to buy some of her much needed books, but she is quite optimistic that somehow scholarship will come her way.

Her mum popularly called Mama Sade sent her on an errand to collect a bucket Baba Bisi borrowed from them the previous day. Baba Bisi is her father’s blossom friend who she respects so much. But she has observed lately that he likes making passes at her.

Then she got to the place.  It was a 3 storey building under construction. She saw him washing his feet by the water tap close to the building.  Baba Bisi then beckoned to her to pick up the bucket on the first floor of the building.  Then she heard footsteps coming towards her direction. It was Baba Bisi holding a long rope. He approached her, she wanted to scream, but when Sade saw the cutlass….he tied her legs and hands with the rope.  After he was through taking away her innocence, Baba Bisi threatened her with the sharp cutlass. ” If you tell anybody you will die in 7 days”. Sade trembling with so much fear in her, picked up the bucket taking a now long walk back home. Seven months later her mum discovered she was pregnant!

Children can be abused in lonely, dark and  deserted places.  It is risky sending out children on errand when it’s dark. Young girls should also avoid walking alone at night. I will advise that young ladies ensure the morning breaks before leaving for home after a vigil.

Precaution they say is better than cure.

Be warned!

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